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Duke, I thought you were B.S.'ing me when you told me about this program. I decided to try it, just to prove to you that it can't work. Well, I only did it for 4 weeks, and I've gained 3/4 of an inch in length. For some strange reason, my female "friends with benefits" have been calling me more often. I wonder why *can you see me smiling?* :)

Wayne Ross
43 years old - author of 5 books on meeting women.

Date: January 19, 2005
From: Duke Dawson

I was totally amazed when...

I got up around 7am, and I had a couple hours to kill before work. I had been doing a 7 minute exercise routine with my penis to see if all the stories were true. I honestly didn't believe that I could add length and girth to my penis just by doing a simple 7 minute routine.

So it had been 6 weeks since I started this program, and I was deliberately not checking my measurements everyday, because I know this stuff takes a little time. Well, it was time to measure...

I gained 1.2 inches in six weeks from a VERY part time effort! (I didn't even do it every day!)

I couldn't believe it! I went from being 6.5 inches, to 7.7 inches in just over a month! I was hooked. I went out and researched all the techniques out there, and weeded through all the hype and garbage to find a simple group of techniques that actually DO work.

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Hey Duke, I just wanted to tell you my results after 7 weeks. I did the program exactly as it said on the website, and here are the numbers. I gained 1.2 inch in length and 3/4 of an inch in girth.

My girlfriend LOVES the difference, and even admitted that she always wished I was bigger. (I didn't know how to quite take that, but I'm glad she's happy now). I was 5.3 inches when I started, by the way. Thanks again.

Ralph Alberghetti
23 years old - Office Manager


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I just wanted to say thanks Duke. This program actually did work. I couldn't believe it. You told me not to measure for at least 4 weeks, and it was torture not to do it (I was axious to see the results). Well, I'm glad I waited, because now I'm exactly 1 inch longer after 5 weeks!

One of my gym buddies, who has seen me before in the gym showers, accused me of getting surgery. It took me 45 minutes to convince him to try your system. He's recently started it, and he promises to let you know his results too.

Andrew Helix
41 years old - Personal Trainer

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The first time I heard that I nearly exploded! I realized that I was ranking among a completely different group of men now. The kind that women secretly fantasize about.

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Most men are very insecure about the size of their penis. Well I'm promising you that you CAN do something about it, and it doesn't take much time at all. Also, if you have a curve in your penis, and you want to straighten it out, so that your penis is REALLY intimidating looking, then just add our new 37 second technique onto your routine, and you will become perfectly straight in no time at all.

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